Contempradance's adult program focuses on training adults who are new to ballet, or returning to dance after a hiatus. Our ballet lessons are designed to instruct with the special needs of adult learners in mind: need for clear explanation and demonstration and safety for your body. Our classes are fun and encouraging and designed to move you to higher levels of ballet as student's progress. Students may also choose our adult ballet program for fitness as well.

Teen/Adult Ballet (Tues evening) - This is the first level ballet lesson designed to teach the barre work, proper body alignment, and beginning across the floor steps. Recommended for students who are new to ballet or have minimal experience. Advanced beginners will also enjoy the class to work on technique.

Teen/Adult Ballet (Sat morning)- This is an advanced beginner lesson. Students taking these classes successfully demonstrate strength in maintaining proper body alignment and knowledge of and proficiency in basic ballet steps. Students will be introduced to more intricate across the floor work, turns and jumps. Recommended for students with 1 or more years of ballet.

Teen/Adult Ballet (Wed evening) - This is a pre-intermediate lesson. Students taking this class will learn jumps, turns, and longer sequences of across the floor material required to move to our intermediate lesson in the future. Recommended for adults student with 2 or more years of ballet.

Ballet 4 - This class is for ages 14 and up with at least 4 years of previous ballet training. Students focus on perfecting more intricate ballet moves, adding speed and complexity into their routines. This is an Intermediate/Advanced level class. Students enrolling in Ballet 4 are required to take at least one additional ballet class each week. Ballet 4 is a class designed for students who wish to pursue dance at a college or professional level or for adults who wish to take a challenging ballet class.

Pointe - ContempraDance School offers Pointe lessons for students who wish to pursue ballet further. Pointe work is offered as an option after our pre-intermediate and intermediate classes. Teacher and director permission is required to enroll in Pointe class. Two ballet classes a week at ContempraDance School is required to take Pointe lessons.


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