Contempradance offers a Jazz class for adults that are unlike others! This class gives you a fabulous workout including the technique and fun sequences required for jazz dance. The invigorating workout combined with funky dance routines leaves you feeling energized at the end of each class. A must for adults!

Adult Intermediate Jazz - This class is for ages 17 through adult with jazz or dance experience. It's a great way to stay in shape while learning to dance to funky routines and popular music. Each class meets once a week for an hour each session. Students will engage in a fun warm-up and then focus on across the floor jazz technique. Class will end with a fun dance routine utilizing things learned from the day's across the floor exercises.

Jazz / Funk 3 - This is a class for teens and adults with 2 years minimum dance experience. This class is a combination of jazz and funk styles, meaning, students will learn the well-defined jazz technique and blend classic jazz steps with the fun, upbeat funk style of dance often seen on MTV.

Jazz 4 -This is a class for teens and adults with 4 years minimum jazz dance and ballet experience. This class will work on turns, jumps, and floor work. Students will learn challenging choreography. This is a fast-paced class for intermediate/advanced level jazz students interested in pursuing jazz dance in college or professionally. One ballet class a week encouraged for adults in this class but is not a requirement.


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