ContempraDance School provides professional ballet training. At ContempraDance School, students can decide on taking one ballet class a week for casual enjoyment and the acquisition ballet knowledge as an art form, or students may wish to take several ballet classes a week to work on technique proficiency and excel in the ballet art. We welcome both!

Ballet for Kids

Ballet 1 -This class is for ages 7 to 9 with 0-2 years of previous ballet dance experience. This class is also the first step into a "real" ballet class for students leaving pre-dance levels. Students will learn the essentials necessary for mastering ballet including, proper body alignment, placement at the barre and learn center floor work. Each class meets once a week for 1 hour class.

Ballet 1A - This class is for ages 8 to 10 with a minimum of 2 years of experience in ballet. Students should be familiar with the basic Ballet positions, have proficient knowledge of center floor work, exhibit strength in proper body alignment and barre work. This class will teach involved sequences of dance steps, turns and jumps in preparation for Ballet 2. Each class meets once a week for 1 hour each session. This is an Advanced Beginner level class.

Boys Ballet - Just for the boys ages 9 and up! Mr. Jerzy will teach them the basics of ballet and introduce them to exciting jumps and turns. Class meets once a week on Friday at 6 for a 45 minute lesson.

Ballet 2 - This class is for ages 10-13 with at least 2 years of previous ballet training. Students focus on perfecting technique and preparation for intermediate class. While it is not required, we recommend taking 2 ballet classes a week at this level, especially for later placement in ballet 3.

Ballet 3 - This class is for ages 11-15 or 10-13 or with at least 4 years of previous ballet training. Students focus on perfecting more intricate ballet moves, adding speed and complexity into their routines. Ballet 3 is an Intermediate level class. One additional ballet class a week is required to enroll in this class and to maintain the complex level of the class work. Pointe work is an option after our Monday and Friday lesson upon permission of the teacher.

Pointe - ContempraDance School offers Pointe lessons for students who wish to pursue ballet further. Pointe work is offered as an option after our pre-intermediate and intermediate classes. Teacher and director permission is required to enroll in Pointe class. Two ballet classes a week at ContempraDance School is required to take Pointe lessons. We recommend that younger students who may wish to pursue Pointe work in the future begin taking 2 ballet classes a week at least a year prior to beginning Pointe lessons. Pointe work is not recommended at ContempraDance School for students under the age of 11, however with teacher permission it may be allowed.


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