This class is a blend of Jazz and Hip-Hop with a "Janet Jackson" feel. An age appropriate aerobic workout and dance routine give it a funky MTV look. Kids enjoy the class set to their favorite top 40 music. Funk is one of ContempraDance School's most popular class styles.

Funk Dance for Kids

Kid's Funk - Designed to teach ages 5-6 ½, this class is a blend of hip hop and jazz technique set to popular music that will get your young one boppin’ and smiling! Kids feel energized and get an excellent workout (without even knowing there was work involved!)

Funk Dance 1 - This is a class for ages 7-9 with 0-2 years of jazz, hip hop, or funk experience. Students learn basic moves as seen on MTV.

Funk Dance 1A -This is a class for ages 8-11 with one year of jazz, hip hop or funk experience recommended. Students will build on movements learned in Funk 1. Each class meets once a week for 1 hour each session.


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