Fun Fun Fun!! Students love this incredibly energetic form of dance. They will learn how to spin, turn, kick and twist their bodies like never before. Our Hip-Hop classes are an invigorating and cultural dance workout.

Hip Hop for Teens

Hip Hop - This is an open class for ages 16 through adult with or without dance experience. Students will enjoy a strengthening and invigorating warm-up set to favorite popular hip hop music and learn challenging and fun new hip hop moves. Class will end with learning choreography to a hip hop song.

Funk/Hip Hop - This class is for ages 13 and up and is an open class for students with or without dance experience. The class will teach students basic hip hop vocabulary and steps and build on this knowledge by learning a dance routine set to favorite popular music. Class will also intermingle the funk style of dance with hip hop. This unique class is sure to make students feel more confident dancing to favorite pop music.

Hip Hop 3 - This class is for boys and girls ages 13 and older who have had at least 2 years experience in hip hop. This is an intermediate/advanced level hip hop class. Students will learn challenging choreography to help increase speed and coordination with hip hop moves.


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