Modern dance is the style of dance performed by ContempraDance Theatre which is ContempraDance School's resident professional dance company. It is one of the most expressive forms of dance incorporating various styles of movement and improvisation. With a conglomerate of lyrical, interpretive and cultural techniques, students improve their form while learning technical style and expression.

Modern Dance for Teens

Beginner Modern - This is a wonderful introductory class for ages 13 and up who have had 0-3 years experience in modern dance and/or ballet. Students will be introduced to basic modern vocabulary and steps.

Modern Dance 2 - This is a wonderful class for ages 12 and up with 1 or more years of modern dance experience. Students will be introduced to Gail Vartanian's Modern style which builds upon the Graham, Limon & Horton techniques. Ballet class in conjunction with this class is recommended.

Modern Dance 3 - This class is for dancers aged 13 and up with 3 or more years of classical ballet AND modern training. Students must be knowledgeable in the Graham, Limon & Horton techniques. The combination of lyrical, blues and world style movement keeps this class interesting and challenging for dancers. Each class meets once a week for 1¼ hour each session.


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