Our dances received numerous awards at Beyond the Stars Dance Competition. May 19th & 20th.
The dancer’s hard work and determination certainly paid off this year. Not only in competitions but at our Youth Festivals, charity events and in ContempraDANCE Theatre’s winter and spring productions.
We are extremely proud of all of the Ensemble Dancers and their talented choreographers. WAY TO GO!!


  • Lola Contained Platinum and 5th Overall¬† And Choreography award for Contained
  • Visually Effective for The Trail
  • 2nd Overall The Trail And Ultimate Emotional Execution award for The Trail
  • Claudia Solo If I had my Way Diamond 1st Overall
  • Austin Sound of Silence Platinum 9th Overall
  • Eyes High Gold 3rd Overall
  • Elusive High Gold 4th Overall
  • Terrilyn Love is In Control High Gold 1st in Category
  • Trio On My Own got platinum and 1st Overall
  • Duo life of the party got High Gold and 3rd Overall
  • Maya Time After Time got High Gold and 9th Overall
  • Audrey placed 1st in Contemporary category, Platinum and 4th overall.
  • Hanging Tree got Platinum and 3rd Overall
  • Work Me Down High Gold 7th Overall
  • Jailhouse Rock High Gold 6th Overall
  • Virus Platinum 2nd Overall and Judges Award Creative Concept
  • Ellie Solo Ciao Adios Platinum and 2nd Overall and standout technique award
  • Maria Between the Lines got High Gold